Personalized OSHA Manual

Price: $275

The manual is personalized to your facility, and is an essential part of your OSHA program. The manual contains:

OSHA Manual for Veterinarians

*  Download the Personalization Questions for your order.

Please allow 5-7 business days for personalization and printing.

OSHA Training for Your Staff on cds

Staff OSHA Training Part 1 Staff OSHA Training Part 2 Staff OSHA Training Part 3 Staff OSHA Training Part 4

Price: $150

Part One: OSHA Overview and the Globally Harmonized System

Part Two: Infection Control and Zoonotic Diseases

Part Three: Safety from A (Anesthetic) to Z (Zoonotic Disease Prevention)

Part Four: Emergency Actions and Workplace Violence

You'll also receive hard copies of the quizzes found throughout the training to help document your staff training. Quiz answers are provided for you.

Training is in Power Point format on cds that are personalized with your facility name. Available as pdf on cds upon request.

Four Part OSHA Training - Printed Slide Copies in a Binder

Price: $250

Slide copies of the Training described above are printed two per page on high quality paper and arranged in a binder with tab dividers separating each section. You'll also receive copies of the quizzes found throughout the training. Quiz answers are included for you.

The printed slide copies are an excellent way to train your staff without using a computer, or just to have available as a handy reference.

Safety Data Sheets on cd

Price: $200

Safety Data Sheets and the Hazardous Chemical Master list are essential to your 

Veterinary OSHA Program!
This cd contains 450+ Safety Data Sheets for products commonly used in veterinary facilites.

View the complete list of products here.

The cd is accompanied by a binder with the Hazardous Chemical Master List. If a product doesn't contain a Hazardous Chemical it will be noted as such, which lets your employees know the product has been addressed.

OSHA regulations require that Safety Data Sheets correspond to all of the products your employees are exposed to, so if there are any products (up to 10) you use that are missing I will add them at no charge.

Download the Product List here.